A long journey, but a successful outcome!

It was September 2012 my wife and I were watching A Current Affair and Geoff Shannon from Unhappy Banking appeared in his quest of taking on the Banks. My wife and I watched the story with a great deal of interest, after the story had finished we looked at each other and said he might be able to help us. I then contacted Geoff via email with our problems and he replied almost instantly suggesting he would be only too happy to help us, within a week we were in his office and he got the ball rolling.
While it has been a long journey, we have had a successful outcome, thanks entirely to Geoff Shannon, it’s very obvious he is a tireless worker and on a mission to make the banks accountable, which is very commendable. The banks being multibillion dollar businesses don’t care, and it’s obvious they have lost touch with and have very little respect for the little people, and they are prepared to squash you like a grape. Without Geoff’s efforts and expertise we wouldn’t have had the outcome we have.
My family and I are eternally grateful to Geoff and his company Unhappy Banking for achieving a good outcome.
It goes without that saying I would recommend Geoff Shannon if you have a problem with a bank, he is relentless. If in the future I encountered another problem with a bank I would not hesitate to contact Geoff and have him represent me.
Yours sincerely,
Rob Gibson