A Faceless Victim

I’m writing this not as a litigant with the bank but as one of the faceless and voiceless victims who most often bears the brunt of the issues that unhappy banking has brought about – namely the wife / partner of the person embroiled with the bank.
We recently finalised our issue with the bank, after 18 months of gut-wrenching turmoil, declining health and just barely holding onto the last vestiges of our sanity. The settlement contract contains a confidentiality clause which precludes any of the issues being given over to public opinion, and I intend to honour our side of this agreement.
What I would very like to impart to everyone reading this are the following two points: Never be a victim! No matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter how unfairly the deck is stacked against you – stand up and be counted! This is the true Australian way. Even if it does happen that you are horribly shafted by corporate bullies who behave in the most unconscionable manner, make every blow that you land on them count. Have a good, thorough and honest look at the situation that is the issue between you and the bank. Remember that the bank has almost unlimited resources to fight you, so do not think for one moment that your fight will be easy – it will not! So if you are going to stand your ground against them and say “No more! I will no longer be treated in this manner!” then you need to realise that you are in for the fight of your life – and Good On You for it.
The importance of a support network cannot be stated strongly enough, and here I would like to laud Geoff Shannon and his team of close supporters for not only supplying this website as a forum and platform to join in common support, but also to acknowledge and thank Geoff for his gracious and unconditional help which he gave us – help which kept everything in perspective and allowed us to retain our sanity and dignity throughout the ordeal.
Geoff, despite your own personal issues with the bank and having been dragged through the proverbial grinder and spat out the other side, your human decency, kindness and simple charity makes you a winner above and beyond any of the individuals that are against you. None of them are fit to look you in the eye, let alone polish your shoes.
As either a partner to a litigant, or as a co-litigant, know this – You will need every ounce of your resilience as a human being to prepare yourself for the battle that you have ahead of you. Never falter in your focus, never compromise your ethics. Be true to your beliefs. Constantly support your partner, for if ever your relationship will endure the ultimate test it will be now.
Above All – Believe in Yourself!
Geoff, Bless You and Thank You.
Nola D