I am a Lawyer

I don’t want my name published, nor that of my client but I do want to thank Geoff Shannon and Unhappy Banking.

I was assisting clients whom found themselves in dispute with a bank.

When they first came to see me I could not understand why the Bank, BankWest was so aggressive.

The clients ran a small business. They had taken out a loan.

From my investigations and my discussions with the bank they were not in arrears. They had supplied their operating financials. They seemed to be operating profitably.

After investigation I found out that the bank had had the property that they had used as security revalued. The local market had just gone through a dip.

When I called for the valuations the bank told me in short and unequivocal terms that the report were theirs and that they would not release them. The clients were billed for the valuations. It was a bit tough.

From discussions it looked likely that the bank was going to seek possession. There was talk of receivers.

While the clients were running a profitable business, they couldn’t afford a legal arm wrestle. I had to find a solution. No matter who I spoke with they could give me no advice other than a  preemptive  application stopping the bank from appointing receivers. The news did not go down well with the clients. They couldn’t see that they had done anything wrong, and they couldn’t afford a legal fight.

My clients then informed me that they had had discussions with Unhappy Banking. I didn’t know who they were, but I do now.

Geoff Shannon went to action. The situation was turned around in literally days. The bank has not been able to appoint receive . The clients remain operating the business and paying the bank the money that they were obliged to under the loan.

Most importantly the clients has the profits from the business to live on. They are putting money away to help accelerate the bank repayment.

These client did not fail in their obligations, but they felt that the bank was just he’ll bent on breaking them.

The bank is still not happy but my clients have kept their business going and they now have options to settle up with the bank and avoid the inevitable fire sale that would have occurred if the bank had just bashed their way through.

My client sing the praises of Geoff. I’ve now met him and he is a man who has had more than his fair share of battles with the bank. He has taught them survival skill, and I have learnt too.

They are not just not a group that are fighting banks. They are real people finding solutions and saving both businesses and lives.

I have no hesitation in recommending Unhappy Banking. Their solutions have worked and they have saved my clients a lot of emotional stress and financial worry, not to mention costs.

On behalf of my clients “Thank you Geoff”.