Bless You and Thank You

Geoff, I should say mate, What you have done for me and my wife words cannot explain we have been in the depths of despair for the past two years trying to fight Bankwest knowing the bastard act they had done to us as small developers. Your insight through your unhappy network provided hard evidence of what we knew was fraudulent conduct by the bank in appointing receivers to our company.

They took all of our assets and money so we could not appoint solicitors but we fought them ourselves through ASIC and the FOS until those power less blind fools said there were no breaches. That was when a miracle occurred we found you unhappy banking!

Now with your very kind and compassionate assistance we have a clear direction in seeking retribution from bastard bank and retribution is what we will get!

I find it emotionally difficult in what I want to say to you – I choke up trying to put in words my deepest thanks to you.

Ken Winton