Expert help is available

In this sector we specialise in the following types of debt disputes – personal and business bank loans, overdraft loans, credit cards, car or house and property loans.
We tailor the approach of your debt reduction plan to your specific circumstances. We advise the specific set of actions and activities that we will undertake on your behalf. This Debt Reduction Plan (DRP) will be emailed to you so you can review, and then we can discuss. If you are happy to proceed then you will formally sign off online. 
For Bank and Credit provider debt reduction service sector disputes we deal directly with the Bank Manager and senior officers or owners of the credit provider organisations on your behalf.
Timing in this sector can vary depending on the size of debt and specifics of your dispute.
We have been dealing in this sector for over a decade and no case is ever the same. You can be reassured we are experts in this sector and know how to manage and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.
Our goal is to provide a safe harbor for you to manage your debt in a structured way to best protect your assets and credit rating in a timely manner.
In our experience the majority of these disputes can be resolved without proceeding to court action. Nevertheless, we do find approximately 10% of the matters we have handled in this sector have required a court proceeding. Please note we can assist you with court proceedings and one of our panel expert lawyers