To Whom It May Concern

I have known Geoff for at least two years now and during that time he has greatly assisted and given support to our family business. We have ongoing concerns with our financier and Geoff has made himself available to us at anytime – both in an advisory and supportive sense.
As well as assisting us during this time, I have seen Geoff deal with countless other individuals and businesses who are being harassed and bullied by their Financier. I have in fact spoken to a number of them and like I, none of us can believe that someone would help others such as Geoff does.
I have often questioned as to the motive of why Geoff does what he does and the only answer that makes sense to me is that he truly does care about people and feels the need to be a ‘voice’ for others that feel that they can’t stand up to these big Corporations. There is no other logical answer to it.
Geoff has plenty of his own problems and family concerns, however he still gets ‘out there’ for others and stands up for their rights which to me is a rare trait in a person. If anyone deserves an Award for assisting others, then Geoff should be right at the front of the line I feel!
I wish Geoff every success in his future endeavours and my only hope is that these large Corporations realise that they can’t continue to treat their customers such as they currently do.
Danielle Schaumburg
Mobile 0438 777 646