Solved my problem in 20 days!

I am so very grateful to you both Tasha and Geoff for solving my problem in 20 days after it being unresolved in the legal system for 4 years.
“The eleventh hour” is the common expression, for me it was 2 minutes until 12 when Geoff Shannon came to my rescue to save my home on the Mid North Coast of NSW.
Four years of struggling predominantly on my own, trying to understand the legal system and government bodies set in place to help the people of Australia and not achieving that aim.
October 2010 – February 2011 Private solicitor engaged – unsuccessful
February 2011 – February 2014 ASIC, FOS cclc (consumer credit legal centre) unsuccessful
April 2014 – My property possessed by bank even though I was not handed any papers
May – November 2014 Engaged solicitors – unsuccessful
Melbourne Cup day 2014 The day that stops the nation did not stop Tasha and Geoff. Geoff, Tasha and I had a telephone conference call and as I had been sleeping in my car Geoff organised a safe house for me during that call for that very night until they resolved my problem. 20 days it took Tasha and Geoff to have the bank draw up papers and then I was home in my bed for Christmas.
For the first time in four years I could sleep safely, not having to worry about the bank or their agent stalking my movements. [At home on my property they would drive by to see if I was there or not so they could pounce on an opportunity to take vacant possession, they tried that in 2012 in a very underhanded way.] I felt so safe to sleep in a bed not my car and have a bath to ease the pain of two prolapsed spinal discs. I got to use an iron on my clothes much to my joy. Unhappy Banking also paid for the accommodation for which I am so grateful. Tasha made daily contact with me via phone and email. Geoff was always available if needed. They were always positive in their outlook, kind, compassionate, empathetic and knowingly calm that I would get my property back. My forever home as Tasha lovingly said it.
November 27 Tasha phones me with the good news the bank will draw up a deed at a cut price amount, no interest agreement. It is my birthday and I post on facebook “Best birthday present ever – I am going Home” My birthday got even better at 6.30 pm when Geoff phones and he is within a two minute walk from where I am. I got to meet the man that had never met me and solved with Tasha in 20 days what the legal system could not do in four years. I wish you had been there Tasha, I know I will meet you soon. I am so, so grateful to you both and relieved, totally indebted to you both too.
Tasha it is a shame heroine has such a negative connotation so I made up this acronym for your name Tenacious, Astute, Sincere, Humble, Assertive. Thank You for your kindness, empathy compassion and logical thought processes.
Geoff you are my hero and Australian of the decade for me. I started to write this last week but I got bitten by a bee and I could barely open my eyes so how fitting my eyes have healed today – Australia Day 2015.
I can’t sing your praises long enough or loud enough Tasha and Geoff you are both true advocates of social justice and human rights and as I did on 27/12/2014 and will continue to be so, so grateful. Saturday 27 December. It is Saturday and rains, I go to bed to rest in the afternoon and I laugh for the first time in a very long time and say out loud thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you TASHA AND GEOFF thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
Due to confidentiality I cannot say what big 4 bank I dealt with or what my name is but I will be at the polling booths for the Bank Reform Party spruiking:
“What do we Want”” Bank Reform “When do we want it?” NOW!!!