Successful Refinance

Hello Geoff
Good news on our part. We successfully refinanced the motel with ANZ. Settlement went through yesterday. It wasn’t without a few hassles and thank goodness for our finance adviser Gary Ward, who represented us and called Bankwest’s bluff regarding another $400 they were going to charge us at settlement. Bankwest backed down on the trumped up fee and it is now all over. We can at least concentrate on the business at hand and get back to running a motel without the sleepless nights. We have definitely been one of the few lucky ones. I can recommend Gary Ward to anyone in Queensland that needs financial guidance to get through. Many thanks to Unhappy Banking that gave us the fortitude to push on. Keep up the good fight and hope you personally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have been following the Senate inquiry on YouTube and await the outcome end November. We hope it is the right outcome.
With very best wishes,
Chris Partridge and Rhonda O’Connor
Caboolture Motel