A Matter of Character

To whom this may concern,
I wish to write a character reference on Geoff Shannon.
This will be very plain and simple. Geoff is a hero to many people including my family. He is a down to earth, kind , very considerate and compassionate person with a heart of gold. He has always wanted and still wants to right the wrong. To help innocent victims of financial abuse. He is a very honest and dependable human being.
He is the type of person who would put others before himself and run to help people at a moments notice as we have all seen in the media and not to mention ive witnessed this. In our case, Geoff was there for my parents and myself in their desperate time of need. From the first few moments of meeting him ,his words of support and kindness lifted our spirits and gave us hope. He is the type of person that is always ready to lend an ear and offer advice. Never did he ask for money. He loves to help people with advice. Geoffs warm nature gives people comfort.
He is and always will be a true gentleman in every sense of the word. A great man that adores his family and cares about people he meets.
To my family and myself, Mr. Shannon is regarded as part of our family, he is like the son my mother never had and to myself he is a true friend and a great fighter for peoples rights. Geoff Shannon is the voice of the innocent and hard done by.
May god bless him always.
Keep up your good work Geoff and please ,please never ever change!
I pray he will always be the peoples voice! We need more people like him!
Sincerely, Anne Antonio  -  N.S.W.