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The Advocates behind Unhappy Banking including Geoff Shannon know full well the issues caused by Financial distress. Geoff has been through it all, including suffering from depression.

Through all the adversity associated with the above, he has managed to turn this adversity into positivity.

Learn from Geoff, in his own battle against the Biggest Bank where he caused the Banks claims to be either struck out or amended 7 times over 5 years. However this comes at a massive expense, the Banks have deep deep pockets. In the end, Geoff faced off the Banks high priced lawyers, and Barristers as he represented himself for over 20 days in the NSW Supreme Court, that’s right no lawyers or barristers representing Geoff. Whilst Geoff was up against the CBA, and still is, by the way, he was and is currently assisting others in need of assistance.

Through all the litigation Geoff has been up against, mainly due to his public stance against the bully banks for others, he has continued to assist and provide service to anybody that has reached out. This assistance has caused him to be nominated for Australian of the Year 3 times to date.

This is what makes Unhappy Banking different from anything else seen here in Australia. It is the first-hand experience in dealing with issues when facing hard times. The team behind Unhappy Banking are in the fight, they are bruised and battered but not beat. New skills are being adopted on a daily basis, relationships are being built, partners are being sought and with all this… solutions are being found.



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